We’ve arrived!

Hi friends,

Marko and I have been talking about this blog for awhile. We’ve decided “Beautiful Nowhere” is our new take on “BFN.” We’ve officially arrived on Quadra & have been here about three days. It’s been wonderful so far, getting outside lots, meeting new people, and cooking delicious food – all while taking our time to do it!

We live in Heriot Bay, and while we don’t have any cell service or reception, we’re a minute away from the beach, pub, coffee shop and grocery store. Also, we have lots of room for visitors!

photo 1

Francisco Point on the Southern Tip of Quadra

This week, we’ll be scoping out possible jobs and opportunities, mixed with explorations. On Monday, we’ll be boating over to Read Island to spend two weeks working and learning from Lannie and Ralph. Lannie and Ralph run Coast Mountain Expeditions in the summer (potential summer employment?) and Discovery Islands Ecosystem Mapping in the winter. We’re both really excited to work with them. Read Island is off the grid, so we’re looking forward to understanding what that type of lifestyle is like in the winter!

I (K) have had a little bit of a difficult time adjusting. Not that I don’t love it here & have been having a wonderful time with Marko, I get sad thinking about all the wonderful people surrounding us in Victoria. But as Kara just messaged me, “the beauty of friendship [and family!] is that it spans distance and time.” So very very true. I’ve been pretty good today, just getting used to it all…

photo 2 (3)

KJ on top of the Chinese Mountains

Yesterday held some pretty hilarious island stories. We went to the Community Lunch at the Community Centre. I baked some lemon loaf and we showed up a few (20) minutes late. Needless to say they were NOT impressed (we thought we were on island time?!) and they were cleaning up. They even suggested freezing my fresh-out-the-oven lemon loaf for next week!! They slanged us a bowl of soup and we ate it, standing around while they cleaned up around us, oops! My loaf got devoured. It was kind of awkward. But we met some people under thirty and are having a potluck at their house tonight :)

At night, we walked down to the Heriot Bay Pub and attended “University of Quadra Island.” The lecture of the evening was monolithic structures, which consisted of a guy clicking through photos of them he downloaded from the internet and talking about them. Oh boy did the audience also participate! It was actually quite interesting while hilarious at the same time.

That’s all for now! We’ll try to update this every once in awhile and get some more photos rockin.

Love and hugs!

KJ & Marko